I have a Multiple Conviction for a DUI. What do I do now?
After the date of your conviction, you have a certain number of days to enroll in the Ventura County DUI program (VCDUI). All enrollments are by appointment. If you fail to enroll, the court may issue an arrest warrant due to a “failure to appear.”

What if the court did not order me to do the program?
Even if not required by the court as part of your sentence, the Department of Motor Vehicles may require you to complete the program in order to get your license back.

What are the program requirements?
The Multiple Offender Program is an 18-month program. All 18-month participants must complete:

  • Enrollment & Intake session
  • 12 hours of Education sessions
  • 35 Group Counseling sessions
  • 26 Individual Counseling sessions
  • 5 Re-entry Group sessions
  • 1 Exit session

Will the program schedule conflict with my work schedule?
The program offers both day and evening sessions and makes every effort to set up a schedule so it will not interfere with work or school.

Is there any way to “double-up” and go more often in order to finish faster than the full 18 months?
No. Regulations governing VCDUI require that you must be in the program for the full 18 months.

What if I just wait out my suspension and not attend the program? Will I get my license back?
The DMV will provide you with a list of conditions you must meet before reissuing your license. One of these is proof of completion of an 18-month program.

Can I get a restricted license to drive to work and/or the program?
You may be eligible for a restricted license. Contact DMV for further details.

How much does the program cost?
The cost of the 18-month program is $2,886. A $450 down payment is required at enrollment.

What if I do not have the money?
No one is denied program services. Financial arrangements are available. You may request a financial assessment.

I am very concerned about others knowing that I’m in this program. How does the program handle this?
Your file and presence along with all aspects of your participation at the VCDUI program are protected under Federal and State laws concerning confidentiality.

For more information contact California DMV – Mandated Actions Unit, (916) 657-6525

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