Mental Health Outreach Programs

Ventura County Behavioral Health provides prevention and early intervention services to individuals at risk of mental health challenges. To learn about our Mental Health outreach programs in the community see the Wellness Everyday website at

Logrando Bienestar

Achieving Well-Being

Logrando Bienestar is a program of Ventura County Behavioral Health designed to help the Latino community understand the importance of mental and emotional health, with the goal to help individuals to access services for a productive and healthy lifestyle. Logrando Bienestar is a program that was developed to walk you through the process of getting well. We are determined to find you the assistance that you may need to continue being productive parents, siblings, children, friends or spouses. The program services youth and adults in Santa Paula and areas of Oxnard.


  • How to understand signs and symptoms of physical and emotional distress
  • Information on available services
  • Education and awareness

Personal Advocate

  • Helping individuals and families access services
  • Providing guidance and support

Alcohol & Drug Programs, Prevention Services

The mission of Ventura County Behavioral Health, Alcohol & Drug Programs, Prevention Services, is to implement effective and sustainable primary prevention initiatives, guided by the best available local data, to systematically reduce community problems affecting everyone, and provide targeted strategies to increase protective factors for vulnerable populations. Our Prevention Strategic Initiatives include Addressing Health Disparities, Prescription Drug Abuse and addressing the Opioid Crisis, Marijuana Prevention, Underage Drinking Prevention, and Impaired Driving Prevention.  

We are involved in outreach in our communities, educating and increasing awareness about the risks and realities of alcohol and drug misuse and abuse.

To read more about Prevention Services visit Ventura County Limits.

Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Ventura County

We invite you to join us in connecting and enhancing resources to prevent and reduce prescription drug and heroin abuse. Together we can reduce opioid supply, reduce opioid demand, and save lives. Learn more about our efforts at Ventura County Responds.



To access mental health services, or for immediate help, please call: