Education & Outreach

Mental Health Outreach Programs

Ventura County Behavioral Health provides prevention and early intervention services to individuals at risk of mental health challenges. To learn about our Mental Health outreach programs in the community see the Wellness Everyday website at

Logrando Bienestar

Logrando Bienestar (Achieving Well-Being) is an outreach program of Ventura County Behavioral Health that provides education to the community to better understand the importance of emotional well-being. The team serves youth, families, and adults by providing linkage to mental health services and resources. The program is countywide, with an emphasis on the Latino community.

For more information, call 1-805-973-5220.

Substance Use Services - Prevention

Prevention Services works upstream to reduce alcohol and drug-related problems in our community. Initiatives are aimed at limiting harms related to impaired driving; underage and binge drinking; marijuana and vaping, especially as it relates to harms to youth; prescription drug abuse; and addressing health disparities among vulnerable populations. A primary goal is to delay the onset of first use of alcohol and or other drugs by youth. We collaborate with schools, parent groups, government agencies, medical partners, law enforcement, community-based organizations and more.

To read more about Prevention Services visit Ventura County Limits.

Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Ventura County

We invite you to join us in connecting and enhancing resources to prevent and reduce prescription drug and heroin abuse. Together we can reduce opioid supply, reduce opioid demand, and save lives. Learn more about our efforts at COAST Ventura County.

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